Strength training isn’t just for Shwarzenegger wannabes. Regular weight training done properly can benefit just about everyone in so many ways, especially when it comes to lifting. We’re talking better sleep, less stress, increased energy and improved heart health. Who wouldn’t benefit from all those things? Our previous post goes over some of the basics of strength training, and now we’re talking specifically about the benefits of lifting properly. Let’s learn to lift!


If you wouldn’t dream of replacing your car’s fan belt without the help of a mechanic, then why should you try to start a weight lifting program without help of a professional personal trainer Hamilton? Working with a personal trainer Hamilton in the gym will not only allow you to completely understand the necessary technique, but they will also come up with a program that will accomplish all your goals and needs. Jackie’s Learn to Lift Workshop is a great way to get expert advice in a fun and interactive environment.


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Often, people jump into weight training thinking they’re capable of lifting much more weight than is safe. The key to weight lifting is not lifting too much at once, but rather lifting a proper amount of weight many times using the right techniques. Lifting can be a very complex movement – and doing it properly can be something that your body isn’t used to. It’s important to start out with very little weight and simply repeating the proper movement until that proper mind to muscle connection is made.

“It took me weeks to finally gain proper form with my deadlift. Even though my mind knew what to do, my body was doing something completely different. My personal trainer made sure that I practiced the motion safely before progressing with weight. Now, months later, I’m actually using proper deadlifting technique in my day to day life! Who knew it was even applicable outside the gym?” – Rebecca K.


After a few dates with some dumbbells, you’ll notice an increase in resting metabolic rate. You might be surprised by your heart rate while lifting weights! Fast-paced resistance workouts can keep your heart rate up and get your sweat on. If you’re unsure where to start, connect with a Momentum Fitness personal trainer Hamilton to get your own metabolic routine that combines strength and cardio. With the right diet, regular lifting may help you lose weight more effectively than cardio alone.


Lifting weights is key to staying injury free. In addition to muscles being stronger, studies show that weight training can lead to stronger ligaments and tendons. This means you’re less prone to tears or other injuries in everyday activities. Not to mention, it also improves bone strength, and, as you get older, strength training can help combat the natural decline in muscle and bone density. So, it’s not just for young folks, either!

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