Why Consume Protein Shakes?

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Protein shakes are very convenient to consume for anyone who wish to build lean muscle mass. Before diving in, let’s take a look at why protein shakes are even needed in the first place.

protein shakes
protein shakes

Muscle growth and repair.

Intense workouts always lead to tired muscles. I.e. you feel your muscles getting sore the very next day. This is a good thing. It’s a sign that your muscles are responding to the exercises that you have completed.

If you want fast results, you need to work out so intensely that you muscles start to fail. That means you can’t even lift one more repetition of the same exercise in good form. When that happens, it’s time to stop. Forcing yourself to go on at this stage can be dangerous, and can lead to injuries.

Remind yourself that injuries is your greatest enemy. You can’t afford to get injured. If you do, that may set you back for months and you can’t go on with your exercise program.

When you feel your muscles getting sore, rest and eat well. Eating well means you must feed your muscles for them to grow and repair quickly. The primary nutrient that your muscles needs is protein. You can find protein easily in your daily diet – in poultry, lean meat, soy beans, bean curd, milk, eggs, etc.

So if protein is found in the daily diet, why the need to have protein shakes?

The problem is, when you workout intensely, you want to make sure that you meet your daily nutrient needs. Sometimes, due to work and unforseen circumstances, you just can’t find the time to eat complete meals.

For example, you have a social gathering in the evening. That probably means you can’t eat what you like for dinner for that day. And that will affect your protein consumption.

In order to keep your protein consumption at the level that you need, you take protein shakes as a supplement.

Ease of preparation, and it tastes good!

Protein shakes can be produced from protein powder or cream.

The nutrition can be mixed with water and other supplements. They even come in different flavors! The most popular flavors are chocolate and vanilla. Not everyone likes Strawberry because for some people, that flavor tastes more bitter than sweet.

You can even mix the protein powder with fruits and any other ingredients that will beneficial to your health.

Some people like to create their own drinks out of the protein powder. You can create smoothies, shakes, and all kinds of great tasting drinks.

In this manner, you get to enjoy the drinks and at the same time, provide the necessary nutrients for your muscles to repair and grow.

Your muscles grow during your resting period. So the best time to consume protein shakes is after a workout (or within 2 hrs after your workout).

Protein shakes are meant to be supplements, and not a replacement for complete meals. So don’t skip meals just because you know you can always drink a protein shake.

Consume a protein shake only when you know you don’t have the time to sit down for a proper meal.

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