When Is a Whey Protein or Protein Water Useful?

whey water

The protein, is one of the most important building blocks for your muscles to grow! Our body can not store proteins permanently, so it is very important that the body gets enough throughout the day. Protein sources can be animal products such as fish, meat, dairy products, but also vegetable products such. As soy products or legumes. But also whey protein or protein water have a lot of proteins.

Be it in building muscle or losing weight, it is very important that the body receives enough protein. With a whey protein or protein water you promote muscle growth and when losing weight it ensures that not too many muscles are lost. Be it losing weight or building muscle, we recommend a whey protein or protein water, so that the body receives enough protein. The protein intake should be per day at 1 – 2g per kilogram of body weight. As an example, a man weighing 100kg, about 150-200g of protein per day would need enough muscle to get enough protein. Of course, the muscles do not just grow through whey protein or protein water. This also includes a good training plan, where you go to the gym several times a week and do strength training.

As mentioned, you should distribute the protein intake to the day. In addition, you take a good whey protein or protein water before and after training. The whey protein gets into your muscles very fast, which is very important after a workout. The muscle is irritated after training and now needs protein for it to grow. With a whey protein you make sure that the proteins quickly reach the muscles.

protein water
protein water

Different proteins have a different effect!

The known protein from the milk has different protein components. The most important ones are casein and whey, known to us as Whey Protein in the subject. The casein has a long residence time in the stomach and forms there a solid member, which is why the digestion is delayed. The fast-digesting protein is the whey protein. After only one hour, it has reached the highest level in blood sugar. We recommend the normal protein water in the morning or before going to bed.

With our Whey Protein or Protein water you will definitely succeed in building muscle.

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