Toll Manufacturing in Melbourne with Chemical Solutions

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Adaptable Solutions via Our Toll Manufacturing Process

Product development is often an expensive endeavour where the setup costs alone can be a significant challenge to overcome. One of the most strategic services that Chemical Solutions provides is its access to a range of toll manufacturing capabilities. Rather than invest in bulk industrial machinery to fulfil a trial product run, why not outsource that requirement to a team of specialists who have the industry experience and the technical proficiency to see your contract through from start to finish?

Toll manufacturing is a popular service that businesses engage in for many reasons. One of the more common reasons to outsource your toll manufacturing needs to Chemical Solutions is to save money on getting started.

Too much capital can be spent attempting to replicate the facilities that Chemical Solutions offers. However, why go to that extensive effort when you can achieve immaculate results at a fraction of the capital outlay? Let the experts do what they do best so that you can focus on your core business.

The way it typically works, in terms of toll manufacturing, is that one company provides its raw materials to a third party like Chemical Solutions who will then take care of the contract. In many cases, Chemical Solutions has a vast industry network that it can tap to source the finest raw materials to produce the best products. This process comes with a fee, or a toll, which is why it is referred to as ‘toll manufacturing’.

toll manufacturing
toll manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing with Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions provides toll manufacturing services for a wide range of clients including high performance coating distributor Quantum Chemicals and waste management service providers Cleanway Environmental Services and Envirochem Technologies. Every business has its niche as well as its own set of stringent requirements to adhere to, which is why they have entrusted the Chemical Solutions team with their toll manufacturing needs.

We have consistently used our technology and facilities to produce chemical formulations as part of an adaptable framework, assuring quality and high levels of quality in the materials we work with.

At every stage of the toll manufacturing process, we follow our own quality assurance steps so that businesses Australia-wide receive products that are tested and meet specified requirements.

Facility Capabilities

We offer businesses a competitive advantage when they participate in our toll manufacturing program. To stay ahead of the pack, we maintain an advanced facility and invest in effective machinery such as our 7,500 litre stainless steel reactor (reaction conditions of 600 kPa and 200 degrees centigrade) and associated blenders and holding vessels. This equipment enables us to have a substantial capacity to manufacture specific chemical products and solutions for our customers.

We also have capacity to manage dangerous goods and other hazardous substances, which can be handled and packed onsite. Finished products are generally pumped into storage tanks (polypropylene, stainless steel and fibreglass) of up to 25,000 litre capacity for delivery to our clients.

The Toll Manufacturing Specialists

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