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It is Easter Eve 2009 and I have pulled away from my SEO responsibilities for the moment to write about what I believe to be one of the most valuable SEO topics currently challenging the SEO San Jose community.

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BACKLINKING, the definition of which I believe has changed from what was common not too long ago. No Search Engine Optimization SEO  project should under estimate the power of a well planned attack on acquiring quality PR4 backlinks ( PR = Page Rank ). Unlike the days of reciprocal linking which has been apart of many well ranked sites of yesterday and still some today, non reciprocal linking is or should be the focus of the SEO San Jose community today. Google already has documented that it will only show links to a site coming from sites branded with PR4 and higher. To add to the mix of filters used by the Google bots, it is now believed that it will be far more rewarding for links that are coming in from sites that are relevant to the content found on the page pointed to.

SEO San Jose
SEO San Jose

That means that if a web design company has a one way link coming from a page that has nothing to do with anything else but web design, that the result will prove more rewarding and more in favor by Google as the Google bot calculates a PR. I have also seen evidence that if the link pointed to your page originated from a generic text link like – Click Here for Web Site – that while some credit is given, it is much more rewarding if the link were more descriptive like that of  – Web Design Company.

Linking has become necessary most likely due to those SEOs which have used BLACK HAT methods. Many SEO San Jose professionals at one time or another either exchanged links or purchased links from what are now referred to as link farms. It made since that link farms would crop up due to the simple times when Google would automatically feel that a site that was being linked to more than other similar sites would receive better ranking in relative keyword searches. The Google bot was using a method of calculating sites popularity much like that of the voting system we use to elect government officials.

The more votes method for a web site proved to be misleading. Webmasters without much experience could easily add a page to a site and exchange links using many of the sites that operated as a match maker for links.

The simple truth is that backlinking has become more complicated. So here are two steps to getting the coveted backlinks.

ONE: Join a forum that relates to your site and that best matches relevant discussions concerning your business. Some forums will allow you to add links to your site only after a period of time or after a number of posts. Be patient and enjoy the exchange of ideas with those that have a common goal.

TWO: Write an article of at least 400 words and use keywords that you believe will represent you well. Most article directories will have a link back to the authors site. Use your URL several times in the article to help brand your site. While there are some free article submission services, I recommend spending a couple of bucks on getting your article submitted. WARNING: Google does filter sites using duplicate content. Play it safe. It is best not to put the article on any page in your domain. San Jose SEO personally post my articles in a blog linked to from my website You could consider a do not follow in the Meta.But that will only work if you manually submit to article directories using html. That being said, it is thought that sites displaying duplicate content may not even get indexed or a type of Russian roulette will determine which single site displaying the dup will get indexed.

No matter the index scenario, you should still receive backlink juice from the directory archiving the article. I should mention that this should be considered theory even thou I myself use this method. Treat this method with respect. Too much of a good thing can turn bad for Keyword ranking high in search engines.

In conclusion: There are hundreds of calculations – according to Google – that go into a Google PR calculation and without a doubt backlinking has proven to be an important off page optimization method.

I have shared two ways of gaining quality backlinks and both are methods that have proven success. Please take a moment and post a comment about this article.

You may also leave a backlink to a single site of your choice after contributing to this article and I will approve it.

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