How To keep Classes Consistently Full

It can sometimes feel like feast or famine.

One moment all your classes are booked out for weeks in advance, and then your Studio feels like a ghost town!

Having class numbers dip up and down so dramatically is stressful:

You get financially stretched,

Emotionally wrung out, and

Your self-worth gets battered.

Here’s 3  steps you can take to stop this roller-coaster ride…

Step 1: Always be consistent with your fitness marketing

When you get busy teaching and running your Studio, you tend to brush off your regular fitness marketing activities.

BUT this is the time you must keep going!

Consistency with your fitness marketing activities is as important as consistency with exercise and healthy eating!

Your new approach?

Set aside 20-30 minutes a day for fitness marketing your Studio.

Step 2: Get out into your Community

Being busy in your Studio is awesome!

You get to hang out with your clients, your Instructors are happy and the entire Studio feels alive.

This is the time to get out of the Studio and invest time building relationships and networking with other small businesses.


When you’ve got the “happy vibes” of being busy and having full classes, it’s the perfect time to let others know what you do!

Step 3: Stay Connected

Keeping in regular contact with your current and lapsed clients via a weekly or fortnightly eNewsletter lets them know:

The latest news from your Studio, including new classes and Instructors, What achievements your clients have accomplished, and What new offers and packages your Studio has No more feast or famine in your Studio, but consistent class sizes for a healthy and thriving business!

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