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online driving lessons Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane, and you are considering taking driving lessons, you are probably wondering how to choose the right driving instructor Brisbane. There are plenty of driving schools out there, so how do you find the right one for you?

Of course, you may have friends who have taken online driving lessons Brisbane and successfully passed their test, in which case they would probably recommend the driving instructor Brisbane who taught them. However, what else can you do if you don’t have friends with any experience of driving lessons in Brisbane?

Finding the right driving instructor to teach you is not as simple as it looks.

online driving lessons Brisbane

You need an instructor with whom you feel comfortable. When you step behind the wheel of a car for the first time, it can seem quite scary. Some people are OK with it, but others feel very apprehensive, which is quite understandable. When you consider the amount of traffic on the roads in Brisbane, the innumerable road signs, and all of the hundreds, if not thousands, of rules and regulations that govern driving in the AUS, it is hardly surprising if you feel somewhat overwhelmed.

It follows that you need a driving instructor Brisbane who knows how you feel, and can empathise with you. You also need someone that you can get to know, in order to make you feel confident when having driving lessons in the town.

Probably the most important quality of a driving instructor in Brisbane is the ability to have the utmost patience when you make mistakes (which you will) and to guide you to passing your driving test as quickly and easily as possible, without any drama.

Quite a number of driving schools in Brisbane are one man businesses. They may be perfectly well qualified to teach you, but you may find that your course of lessons can be interrupted if your instructor goes sick, takes a holiday, or if his car is off the road for major repairs.

Furthermore, with a one man business you do not get a choice of car in which to learn. You simply get the one car which he uses. Yloo Driving School has a fleet of cars consisting of different makes and models, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Another point to consider is the qualifications of a driving instructor Brisbane. An instructor who is fully qualified is required to display a green certificate in the windscreen of the car at all times when he or she is teaching a pupil. However, you will find that some instructors display a pink certificate.

What this means is that, although the instructor has a licence to teach you, he is not fully qualified, since he has not taken or passed the final exam for a green certificate. In effect, you are being taught by someone who – although fairly competent – is not the best of the best.

At Yloo Driving School, we only employ driving instructors in Brisbane who are fully qualified and have a green certificate. We believe that you deserve the finest training that you can get, and that only comes from a fully qualified driving instructor.

Another major consideration when searching for a driving instructor Brisbane is his or her success rate. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) says that the average first time pass rate of the driving test is just 41%, and that even at this low pass rate, pupils will take between 55 and 70 hours of instruction.

Yloo Driving School instructors achieve an average pass rate of 61% at the first attempt. Perhaps more importantly, this target is met in just 20 – 30 hours of instruction. This is less than half the number of hours required on average.

Just think how much money you will save on driving lessons in Brisbane when you book them through Yloo Driving School!

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