Diet Before Weight Loss Surgery Myths

Contradictory advice when it comes to diet before weight loss surgery can be a frustrating and confusing source of stress for people trying to knock off the pounds. There are many myths that people may follow with the intentions of losing weight that may actually hinder success. The following myths relating to diet before weight loss surgery can deter success.

Let’s shine a light on some of this diet before weight loss surgery myths that may be preventing you from attaining and maintaining your ideal body:

Losing weight is hard. Losing weight is not inherently difficult. It’s your belief that losing weight is hard that makes it hard. It can be as easy as you allow it to be. Ask yourself: How easy can I allow this process to be? How easy can I stand it?

Experts are the ultimate source of accurate information on diet before weight loss surgery. Nope. The ultimate authority on you and your body is YOU. Tune in to your emotional guidance system, listen to the wisdom of your body, and you’ll find yourself firmly on the path to your optimum weight.

Eating a NO carbohydrate diet… Eating low complex carbohydrates is best e.g. potatoes, veggies vs. simple carbs white flour, sugar drinks. The body main source of energy (including the brain) is carbohydrate not protein.

Myth: Working abs for flat tummy… Constantly working on abdominals may lead to an increase in muscle imbalances and affect posture. Exercising major muscles in a total body workout burns more calories…e.g. chest, legs, back, shoulders.

Diet before weight loss surgery
Diet before weight loss surgery

Skipping meals- Most people think that by starving themselves they would be able to lose weight fast. Actually it goes the other way around. Your body tends to go into a mode where you start storing more calories as fat as you are skipping meals and starving yourself therefore you would not see much of a change as far as diet before weight loss surgery is concerned in this case.

Fat free and Low-fat foods contain no calories

Low fat and fat free alternatives may contain fewer calories than their full-fat counterparts but this isn’t necessarily the case. Some may contain more calories! This can be due to the addition of added sugars to improve the flavour once the fat has been removed. It is advised that you read the nutritional information on the packaging of the product you are buying for a better comparison.

Eating Celery and Cabbage help you burn More Calories

Again this myth is untrue. No food can help you burn calories. Caffeine however can temporarily boost the metabolism but high doses should definitely be avoided. Diet before weight loss surgery

Supplements Are a Scam

If someone tries to sell you a pill that will miraculously make your pounds disappear, it’s probably a scam. Losing weight is definitely possible with all-natural supplements, but in order to keep it off for good you must learn to make it a lifestyle change and continue on a healthy path to overall wellness.

This is only a small portion of what I learned that helped me jump off the diet before weight loss surgery roller coaster. You won’t find a solution in one magic pill or the latest trend in fitness. Through my mistakes and experience, I am now able to help people make healthy choices when it comes to diet before weight loss surgery and dispel that diet before weight loss surgery myths.

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