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Kanye West is initially known for his track production for top-tier hip hop artist like Common, Jay-Z & many others, eventually seized the opportunity to launch his own rap career with much acclaim awaiting him. Though, West does not conceder himself a phenomenal rapper, he has a lot going for him. With his witty – off the wall lyrics that are both smart & very funny. Kanye has a flow that makes him seem like an every man’s rapper from down the street. Kanye’s seasoned beat-making touch seems peerless in hip hop today with his trademark stutter step drum/programmed rhythms along with his trademark chopped-up, pitched-up use of somewhat recognizable hooks is a simple yet potent combination. For his hitmaking credentials, West had ties to some of the industry top names, from Jay-Z & Dame Dash, Ludacris to Jamie Foxx, all of whom helped Kanye get his career off the ground. The opening weeks of 2004, saw not 1 but 2 songs feat. West as a rapper “Slow Jamz” & “Through the Wire” were hip hop classics, with the addiction of music video, television & urban radio Kanye skyrocketed to the top of the charts. In the wake of his breakout success, Last year West earned 10 Grammy Award nominations for his contributions.

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“The College Dropout” would take home the Best Rap Album award, the now classic “Jesus Walks” took home the Best Rap Song, & along with some song writing credit he contributed on “You Don’t Know My Name” had West co-sharing the Best R&B Song award with Alicia Keys & Harold Lilly. Now, he’s released his 2nd solo album, ‘Late Registration”, which was met with enormous expectation making Kanye West 1, of the few truly unique hip-hop artists to relish atop the commercial side of this music industry.

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