Blogspot SEO Rank Report After Removing Archive System

I just thought I would drop by quickly and make a post regarding my current progress trying to get Blogspot SEO ranked high in google search optimization results. All I have improved upon I’ve talked about extensively and in detail on Blogspot SEO; so I would assume people following my posts (via feed, email subscription or bookmark) have had similar SERP improvements also. In this particular post, I will quickly be focusing on the SERP improvement Blogspot SEO experienced after I implemented the following fix found in this post ‘Why Blogspot Archive Has A Negative Impact On SEO’. I was initially worried that removing the Blogspot archive system might, in fact, ruin any rank improvements I previously obtained with Blogspot San Jose SEO Expert. When changing anything fundamental to your blog source code, you must prepare yourself to be knocked back in rank before advancing forward. You might use a piece of code or on-page SEO fix that could potentially knock you back in Google and forever keep you there. This is one of the main reasons why I always test my SEO guides out first on Blogspot SEO; if the worst comes to the worst it’s only going to be me and my blog that experiences the negative effects, not you!


So on with the report. I have been trying to rank my blog high for four keywords in particular (which for obvious reasons I won’t disclose). After a week of constantly keeping an eye on the rank of Blogspot SEO and the post’s indexed on Google, I have seen a steady improvement. For one keyword, in particular, I have jumped from page six of Google results to the top of page three. This is in under a week! I’m hoping to easily get on the first page of Google in the next month with Blogspot SEO Company San Jose, and this has been mostly down to on-page SEO tips and guides that you can find on this blog. To subscribe, check back on the blog daily, leave a comment (or use the Contact Us form) and you could be experiencing the same success as I am with your Blogspot blog.

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