Article Marketing To Increase Web Traffic


A very effective way to increase web traffic to your online business is through article marketing. By signing up with the top article directories you will be able to submit informative articles on different subjects that you’re knowledgeable about. And by adding your website’s link to an authors resource box below the article content, you will then be able to drive a huge amount of free targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Article marketing is without a doubt one of the most powerful ways to increase web traffic online, and if done correctly, your articles can bring you free traffic for many years to come to SEO San Jose.

So how do you go about writing articles that will really increase web SEO traffic fast?

Your article’s title is without a doubt the most important part of your article. It needs to contain your targeted keywords, and they need to be as near to the beginning of the title as possible.


Here Are 2 Examples of Article Titles, the First Will Not Be Very Effective in Search Results, Whilst the Second Will Be Very Effective.

(1) The Fastest Way To Gain More Traffic To A Website
(2) Increase Web Traffic To Your Website Fast

So why will the second title be more effective in search results? Quite simply because it contains highly searched for keywords at the beginning – Increase Web Traffic receives thousands of searches each month, whilst Gain More Traffic receives hardly any.

Always put your targeted search engine optimization keywords at the beginning of the title, and not words such as “the”, which is a stop word for many search engines, and in particular, Google.

Now we come to the articles body and keyword density, which is simply how many times a keyword is repeated within an article’s content.

You have to be very careful not to overuse your targeted keyword in the body of the article, as you stand a chance of being penalized by Google for what is known as “keyword stuffing”. You should never really add your keyword to the article’s body more than 7 times. If it’s quite a long article though, and it’s 100% unique, then you could get away with adding more instances of the keyword.

Now I will just quickly run you through how to structure your authors’ resource box to increase the chances of more click through’s on your website’s link.

The best way is to try and carry on from your article. For example, if your article is about Dog Training, then your resource box could be structured as follows San Jose SEO

Dog training requires quite a bit of patience. So now that you have learned the basics to dog training, head on over to my dog training website to learn much more.

Joe blogs have been providing free information on dog training since ????, with new articles added nearly every day.

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