Are Organic Baby Clothes Worth the Extra Cost?

organic baby clothes

There is no cut and dried answer to the question if organic baby clothes are worth paying that little bit extra for. It’s purely subjective. It would be easy for me to sit here and pontificate saying it’s a no-brainer. But if you’re working to a strict budget, buying organic cotton babygrows might seem like an extravagance.


From cotton to bamboo and hemp, fabric everywhere seems to be ‘going organic’. At face value the organic clothes are clearly more expensive than the non-organic. But price aside, there are an awful lot of pros to buying organic clothing.

Organic Baby Clothes are:

  1. Very comfortable and super-soft.
  2. Chemical-free and pretty much free of all ‘nasties’
  3. Not toxic to the farmers and workers who produce the clothes
  4. Less likely to cause allergic skin reactions like eczema.
  5. Significantly better for our environment

So clothes made from organic cotton are better for the world in which we live, the cotton farmers, all the people involved in the manufacturing process and obviously for you and me!

If you’ve ever bought organic cotton t-shirts for yourself you’ll know how gorgeously soft they are and how good they feel against your skin. Wearing organic cotton clothes is one thing but try sleeping in a bed with bamboo sheets and believe me, you’ll never go back to your previous bedding.

Thinking about how delicate a newborn baby’s skin is, perhaps it’s worth buying several good quality organic cotton vests and babygrows as opposed to dozens of cheap cotton ones from the high street. Young children particularly benefit from organic cotton clothes. The fabric is so much softer, very breathable, hard-wearing and rally gentle on the skin.

The cost difference between organic clothes and non-organic without doubt makes buying organic a dearer exercise. However those few extra pounds means a higher quality and less of a need to buy more.

You could put together a kind of ‘capsule wardrobe’ for your little one. Buy a few key pieces like these fantastic Organic Cotton Baby Bodies . The designs are adorable and you definitely won’t find them cheaper in your local childrens wear department store. Add a couple of these cute organic cotton babygrow and you’re halfway to making your baby a green baby! And once you’ve seen how soft and reasonably-priced these Bamboo swaddling a baby Blankets are, you won’t want one from anywhere else.


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