5 easy ways to your website quickly indexed by Search Engine Google

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In creating a blog or a website of course we want to get a lot of visitor traffic to your website or blog that we build. For a novice to create a blog or website does require expertise that is not easy. Learned many things in order to website or blog that we created in accordance with what we expect. For beginners who are learning to create a blog and also learn seo company los angeles marketing strategy, create a new blog that we created indexed within a few days or even a few minutes is not easy.

But for one who is expert in local search engine optimization services is certainly not a difficult thing. Even the articles that we just posted in a matter of seconds can already indexed well in search engine Google. For posting this article is that the website has aged, has a pagerank and already indexed from the beginning, and every day we do update your blog or website, then we will be posting new articles indexed quickly. This happens because Google always send Googlebot to detect whether there is new with our blog.

seo company los angeles marketing strategy
seo company los angeles marketing strategy

Well the core of so quickly indexed by Google is how do we bring this google bot to crawl to a new blog that we build. If Google bot has come and view our website marketing company, he will report to Google for doing pengindexan into your page / blog. Here are some marketing strategies for gyms you can do so quickly Google bot comes to our new blog and indexing on every page of your gym website / blog:

One way links from your website / blog

Find one way links from websites or blogs That have high pagerank. That every minute, every hour was visited by Google bot. In order for our new blog was visited by the Google bot from your website / blog high berpagerank earlier. Actually do not have a website / blog that has a high PageRank, the most important is a blog that is updated regularly and always visited by Googlebot.

Submit to Dofollow social bookmarking sites

Find a dofollow social bookmarking sites, so it does not work twice. The truth of this statement fifth equal to the number 1 above description.

  •     Submit to articles directory
  •     Submit to blog directories
  •     Websites / blogs reviews

You can choose one of the ways above which you think is most easily, when I usually easiest is to submit to social bookmarking, after we make the article ever article I submit to. Also I usually make one Airways links from my blogs a long time. Put links on websites / blogs that old usually do not just quickly indexed by Google, but can quickly rise to a good Google SERP positions.

Of the five things above, in essence, is looking for los angeles seo online marketing links from your website or blog that has been regularly visited by Google bot. The goal is the path to Google bot member to come to our new blog from the blog crawl our existing links. It works like this

  •     Google bot comes to existing websites backlinks our new blog
  •     Google bot will check any changes that occur in our blogs with backlinks
  •     If he sees the changes and new or additional
  •     Then the google bot will report to Google for indexing de
  •     One of them is to see our new blog of backlinks that we make

Good luck for the success of your blog that are made, hopefully the blog you get up quickly generate revenues that match your target.


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