4 Ways To Ace The Lead Generation With an Optimized Website

lead generation through website

For the lead generation, website can be the key . However, you cannot just do that by simply hiring any web developer that gives you high hopes.

To gain the traffic on your website, and convert them into leads, requires a well-tailored marketing strategy and optimized website.

Simply adding the “click here” button on your web page will not do any good. You need to optimize your website with a marketing strategy and use excellent web development to increase your lead generation through your website.

Let’s look at five easy strategies to use for your websites that can generate more leads.

Make forms available on the most popular pages

Some necessary steps that you have to take are to make a backup of your lead generation. That will help you see where you can improve lead generation. Moreover, you can hire a web developer Calgary for tracking the pages and creating a backup of the leads.

For a start, survey where the online traffic is most. Later, you can introduce the following marketing strategy for increasing the leads.

  • Email-based marketing: Users that land on your website from one of your emails may drive traffic to your site.
  • Social media-based marketing: Users that participate in a campaign through one of your social media profiles may drive traffic to your site.
  • Chat-based marketing: Users may contact your customer support team through a live chat window on your website, resulting in increased traffic.
  • Blog-based marketing: Your best-performing blog posts may drive traffic.

Evaluate the effectiveness of each lead generator

Test your lead generators, and see if they are doing the right thing or not. Comparing the landing pages can help you make a proper judgment, so do not miss this necessary step. Afterward, try to run checks internally and check all the pages visited most.

If you are not good at it, you can hire a Calgary website developer who will keep regular checks on your pages , clicks, and shares on your thank-you page.

Make each phase of the lead creation process more efficient

If you’re going to run an A/B test on a landing page, be sure to evaluate the following three aspects of the lead generation process:

  • CTA- Try to make your website more colorful and creative. You can hire any web developer in Calgary for the same.
  • Front pages- Try to know more about how you can make your landing pages more attractive and explanatory.
  • The Thanks Pages- Thank you! Page gets a lot of credit in the process of lead generation. Try to be more informative and attach links to your offer and social media links to keep in touch.

basic website vs lead generation website protofuse

Begin with a simple call to action on your homepage

Your homepage is the critical component in the marketing process, and to keep it reasonable. You should add free trials to attract more leads. For that, you can use the following CTA’s (Call-To-Action) button on your website:

  1. “Subscribe to updates.” This CTA can help your customers to stay updated about the offers on your website. Because some customers have seen your website, which is developed by web developer Calgary, but they wait for the right moment to grab the best offer they can get
  2. “Try us for Free” Grab them with free trials because trials allow you to generate leads for you or the people who have been looking for your product for a long time.
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